SSSS (Single, Sensational, Significant, Sisters)...We Sizzle!!!

A Single Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Meeting MEN

(2 Disk CD Set)

Features excerpts From Angela’s interview on Community Talk with:

Derrick Boazman of Radio 1380 WAOK – Atlanta, GA

This book on CD is a “self-help” guide complete with a working assessment after each chapter. The book caters to single women of all races and gives them a practical approach on how to become more confident and build self esteem while challenging them on various issues from loving yourself, dressing more responsibly to managing your finances.

The author states that she is often asked, can men also benefit from reading this book. Her response is, “Absolutely, because SSSS-We Sizzle! is about making one hungry for relationship knowledge and hungry for achieving a happy and fulfilling relationship. Both men and women share in this hunger.


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