A Woman's Guide But A Man's Interest

Reviewer: F. Hassan Wade III- Decatur, GA

Angela Lewis has clearly brought about awareness, to why most women are single, bitter and male bashers. In "SSSS Single, Sensational, Significant, Sisters... We sizzle!!!", she also breaks down what men do and don't like in a woman, why we as men catagorizes the ladies and much more. To be perfectly honest, the content within is what I discuss with a lot of my single lady friends today and why they are single and/ or considered 'Gold Diggers'. So, thank you for the validation.

In closing, this book is a must read not only for women but for men, too. I look forward to future works by Ms. Angela Lewis.

Useful Tool For the Men As Well

Reviewer: ATL Brotha "TW" (Atlanta, GA)

"This book is directed toward women but both genders can learn from it. As a dating male, I want to know what women are saying and in "Ssss! We Sizzle," Angela Lewis is saying a lot. She makes very good points. This book is practical, educational, spiritual and even humorous at times. Quite simply, single women out there, read this book and do what the authors says."


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